Six Month Stickies # 13

March 01, 2014

As usual the tracks of music that got stuck in my head in the last six months, in order. A short sticky list this time. Maybe it’s true when they say you care less about music in your thirties..
* Click image to download a ZIP of the compilation:

The Fire Theft

Uncle Mountain
Rubber Bands
Bonus Track

Hold on let me explain. You have to understand I was an artsty douche in middle school when Sunny Day Real Estate hit the scene. So I can’t be held responsible if I have a soft spot for Enigk’s nonsense.

Bach (Glenn Gould)

Sonata in A minor #1 1. Moderato
Sonata in A minor #1 2. Allegro Assai

It’s hard to get classical stuck in your head. But there are plenty of parts in these two tracks thanks to Bach’s dense construction, and Gould’s snappy playing. There are lots of parts where it sounds like an active dialouge, or game of catch, between the melodies played by the left and right hand, finishing each others sentances.

Duran Duran – Hungry Like the Wolf

I’m on the hunt I’m after you!


Cold Cold Water

Not much to say here. I get in a wierd Mirah jag every few years.


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