London Plein Air

Since moving to London, I’ve tried to trek out to the cities amazing parks each weekend, to paint in my sketchbook.

Hunting for a good plein air spot has never been easier, as London is nothing but attractive buildings and foliage… At least in summer.

This last week signalled the beginning of the incessant cold, overcast, rainy days I was promised by everyone to expect since my move.

I thought I would post these twelve together, since I may not have a chance to paint a bunch of cheerful sunny London scenes again for a while.

I’m probably going to switch from painting in this impressionistic, gestural way to something more drawing based and structured, in the coming months, in accord with the the gloomy uncooperative weather.


  1. Hi is it possible to take something like 10 minutes of Ali jamalzadeh’s worthy time to talk or chat with him? And I guess you were the one in the team of children of sky

    • Absolutely, you can just email me to set something up. I worked on Sky as Lead Concept Artist.


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