Skies of Arcadia (Dreamcast) – Beat!

Years ago most of my vintage game systems/games/movies etc. were stolen, and I’ve been slowly rebuilding my collection over the years.

Recently I bought a Dreamcast, N64, and a short stack of games for both finally completing the collection I used to have. I remember playing Skies of Arcadia for Dreamcast when it came out but never getting very far in it before eventually giving up on it entirely. So I decided to play through it, start to finish, and finally check this long overdue task off my videogame checklist.

I don’t really need to go too deep into the game. It was one of the last titles to close out the golden era of JRPGs. Huge imaginative world, an exhausting amount of characters, mechanics, storylines, side quests, and all the things you would want from a JRPG of that era. I made sure not to trigger my completionist OCD with this playthrough, and just play the main storyline in order to get through the game in a reasonable amount of time. Still it took me over 65 hours to beat, and while that’s horrifying when I consider with embarrassment, all the more productive things I could have spent my time doing, the game really did deliver in all the ways I hoped.

I painted some fan art to commemorate my playthrough, and as a token of appreciation to the developers who clearly put a tremendous amount of passion and creativity and work to give me and many others a entertaining and beutifull experience.


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