I love Poignant Christmas Music

July 28, 2008

For reasons I don’t understand, I have a real soft spot for poignant Christmas music.
Last week I steeped myself in Low nonstop for three days.
On the third day I found myself continuously repeating two songs off the Christmas album.

As usual I didn’t realize what the lyrics were until I looked them up.
The lyrics for “Just Like Christmas” really knocked the wind out of me.
A perfect example of writing that’s simple, yet emotionally profound.

Just like Christmas

on our way from stockholm
started to snow
And you said it was like christmas
but you were wrong
it wasn’t like christmas at all

by the time we got to oslo
snow was gone
and we got lost
the beds were small
but we felt so young
it was just like christmas (x6)

it was just like christmas (x7)

Taking Down the Tree

careful, one by one
it is undone
seems before it’s over
it’s begun

another broken reindeer
another candle
another velvet ribbon
another nosebleed

winding up the lights
we set the star so high


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