Hall & Oates

October 14, 2009

I was reeling from the hilarity that is twitter.com/Shitmydadsays when I came across this gem:

“What are you listening to?…I know who Hall & Oates are god dammit.
It’s the mustache guy and the gay man.”

So for whatever reason I took this as a queue to explore the music of Hall & Oates.
Two days into my intense Hall & Oates blitz
(At the annoyance of others in the bookstore who must have wondered
how many times a day I need to listen to “Rich Girl”.)
I realized why the universe had guided me to ‘mustache guy and the gay man’.
They are the perfect mix of awesomeness, hilarity, pop, and song craft.
Here is a mix of the most infectious/satisfying songs:

(click image to download mix as a rar)

I marveled at times how astute the lyrics described my own romantic complications
but realized that is one of the tests of pop music,
to appeal as broadly and specifically to everyone/someone as possible.
I love the repetitive subdued skattish talking in ‘Do What You Want, Be What You Are’
and got super excited for “Manatee”
but quickly realized I had misread the song name and it was “Maneater”.
Now when I listen to that song, I like to imagine that word replacement throughout.

I eventually got so hypnotized by the mustache and music that it occurred to me
if I let my hair grow out and sported a bushy mustache I would look almost exactly like Oates.
A prospect that’s equal parts frightening and exciting.
I’ll be in Greece for another three weeks so I have time,
but the question remains “Do I dare?…”


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