50,000 Songs

December 14, 2008

A little over two years ago I signed up with an English website that is pretty much a one shop stop for anything music related on the internet. Whether I’m looking up info on a musician, lyrics to a song, tour dates/venues, recommendations, editorials etc.

It also has a nifty plug-in for iTunes that tracks the music I play from my library and graphs and tallies my listening preferences and connects me with users of similar tastes, recommends bands, alerts me when one of my frequently played bands is playing in my area etc.

Most of the time I listen to music through my computer so my stats are a fair representation of my music tastes. A little while ago I reached fifty thousand track plays, and thought I would record the moment, and maybe revisit the notion when I reach one hundred thousand in another couple years.

I thought it a serendipitous moment, both in the unlikely chance I should notice my total track tally exactly then, and that my fifty thousandth song was coincidentally my favorite of all time ( Sundays – Cant Be Sure ). Doesn’t sound like much, but I thought there was a pleasing symmetry to it at the time, which induced me to highlight and save the moment.



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