Yucatan – Maya Skies

January 22, 2008

So in November I spent a couple weeks
working on a full dome film in the Yucatan.

The Film is called Maya Skies

I was brought on board to help
with the 3D scanning of the ruins and pyramids
and to paint color boards.

The experience was incredible to say the least.
Two weeks trekking around the Yucatan
Crammed in an astro-svan with a group of really fun
And very talented guys
(visual effects, photographers, archeologists, technical etc.),
visiting ruins, caves, beaches etc.

Nights were usually spent scanning
different parts of the pyramids at Chichen-Itza
(Scanning on top of a pyramid,
in the quite blackness of night,
surrounded by forest,
under a full sky of stars
is really incredible)
and days were spent working on color boards in the lab,
exploring ruins, taking film and drawing, eating panuchos,
swimming, and drinking all manner of fresh juices.

If you want to learn more about the Film
and see more photos and drawings I made:



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