• Breath of Fire 4 (PS1) – Beat!

    I‘ve been playing Breath of Fire 4 off and on for over 15 years. read more

  • London Plein Air

    Since moving to London, I’ve tried to trek out to the cities amazing parks each weekend, to paint in my sketchbook. read more

  • Hasui Kawase

    I was reading through a tech-art presentation given by Gjoel Svendsen over at Playdead studios, on all the clever things they did to make deceptively simple art for their game Inside.
    read more

  • Game Pre-vis

    Greetings from London! I’ve been in London a couple weeks now and I’ve been working on building out some 3D previs for the game I’m working on at Wibbu. read more

  • Farewell Bay Area!

    My move to London is a couple days away, and I’ve spent my free time the last week painting my favorite haunts in my shiny new sketchbook. Here are a few of them, I offer as a farewell to the bay area. read more

  • Prime Mover Confusion

    I suck at science. I’m stupid and easily confused. I spent my youth practicing Street Fighter combos and learning yo-yo tricks, instead of basic science literacy or critical thinking. Please listen to this rant and tell me what I’m doing wrong: read more

  • Portrait Painting

    Thought I would try my hand at portrait painting in oils. It’s been years since my last oil painting, and even longer since my last portrait, so it was a fun blast from the past for me. Nancy was brave enough to sit for it, and the results came out okay, more of a learning experience for me. read more

  • Figure Drawings!

    I came across these old figure drawings while packing, and thought I would scan and upload them before they get stored away indefinitely. read more

  • London!

    After years of freelancing I’m finally settling down into a lead artist role at Wibbu Education Studios in London. read more

  • Reel 2016

    I finally updated my reel after ten years of procrastination. Showcasing the 3D and 2D work I’ve done in games/animation. read more

  • Sketch Book Pages

    Finally finished the sketchbook I’ve been nursing for an embarrassingly long time. Here are some of the pages: read more

  • Hidden Temple

    Nema makes her way through the cave that ends looking out over a hidden temple. read more

  • Nema Dragon Ride

    Made a new illustration for my Nema story. This one has the dragon character I designed a little while ago acting as Nema’s steed. read more

  • Napa Plein Air

    I went wine tasting in napa over christmas weekend. A waste since I have no taste for wine. But the scenery and old ivy covered wineries and landscape was fantastic. I sketched this one in a hurry while my lady and her sister were inside sipping away. read more

  • Little Guy

    My first 3D character from start to finish in years. Made me wish I hadn’t spent so long focusing exclusively on environments. read more

  • Super 8 Travel Film

    I cut together a short film from the super 8 footage I’ve taken over the years during my various travels. The film uses choice clips from the films I made for each location. I’m including each of those below. read more

  • Japan Memoirs

    I visited Japan in the spring of 2012 for six weeks, then returned in the fall of 2014 for another month. I’ve wanted to go since I was a little kid, soaking up the animation, games, food and anything else I could get my geeky little hands on. read more

  • Columbo Girl

    September 26th, 2007

    Lately I’ve gotten really into the seventies television show Columbo. About a brilliant detective who pretends to be inept in order to trap criminals into exposing their crime. The show is awesome. read more

  • Prime Character Paintings

    December 4, 2012

    I‘m honored to have a few of my character paintings in 3D Total’s new art book set “Prime”. read more

  • Art Tests

    October 12, 2012

    I‘ve been in talks with a number of different game companies over the last three months about positions ranging from art director, 3D environment artist, concept artist, texture artist etc. read more