Year in London

I spent the last year living and working in London. I was art directing a mobile game at a small startup and spent most of my free-time exploring London Parks and plein air painting. I made an effort to explore what the city had to offer and mix it up with the locals.

Unfortunately the company I was working for didn’t meet my expectations, so after finishing the game, I returned to Berkeley California, to work at a more established company making a VR game for PS4. Still, I made good use of my spare-time abroad, and really enjoyed my year in London. Here are some of the highlights.

I loved being surrounded by a beautiful city with rich and varied architecture. It certainly beats the concrete blocks that fill most of the cities in California. Especially nice are all the amazing museums in London where I spent many days obsessively combing through artefacts and art that set my brain buzzing with inspiration on a regular basis.

Most of my spare time was spent painting in London’s huge, fantastic parks. It’s what I’ll miss most. To always be a few minutes away from a giant sprawling, verdant, beutifull natural landscape is really good for my soul.

Lake District
I got lot’s of recommendations to check out the Lake District while in England. So on one of Nancy’s visits we spent the weekend hiking the mountains and frolicking with sheep.

On another occasion we went to Portugal for a week staying in Lisbon and venturing out to Sintra to explore the castles and landscape. Lisbon especially impressed me as a sort of vintage San Francisco, except much cheaper and easy to travel around.

While in london, I sort of dove back into the world of competitive Street Fighter (More on this in a later post) and travelled to the French countryside to compete in an international tournament for Street Fighter 3 Third Strike. I went with a bunch of friends I made in the London underground arcade scene. It was really fun, and reminded me of the mid nineties when Street Fighter was all the rage. I got to geek out in a way that would have made ten year old Ali proud.

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