Tea Crazy

June 08, 2010

Finally the spring harvests of Mainland China and Taiwanese teas have made it state side. I had my first cup of 2010 Lishan Spring after months of waiting. It felt like coming home. Now I’m all stocked up and will hopefully make it to next spring.

Here’s a little ditty in honor of the occasion:

Woman impulsively leans out window.
To man below
“Hey! Want to come up for tea?”


Woman scampers down, let’s him in, and leads him upstairs.
Later she hands him tea.

“Thank you. This is wonderful. You’re wonderful.”

Woman (abashed)
“Thank you… I think I love you?”

Man: (smiling over tea)
“I know. The feeling’s mutual.

“It’s crazy.”

“We’re both nuts.”


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