Breath of Fire 4

In my ongoing attempt to return to all the games I played but never beat as a child, I went back and played Breath of Fire 4 for the Playstation.

I remember loving this game and being inspired by the art-book, and got about 20 hours into it before going going off to college.
Years later I tried picking it up again but had completely forgotten what I had done in the game and was clueless.
Lately I picked it up again and just started over from the beginning and played all the way through.
I played the last twenty hours or so over the course of a year when I was visiting from London before finally beating it.

The last year found me professionally much more in the driving chair of design and story and character development.
It was interesting to find how much of my instincts on those fronts are informed by 90’s JRPGs like this one.
Games like this overflowed with design and character and story.
This game in particular has countless mini games that you could easily spend hundreds of hours trying to improve and master.
There are probably 20 prototypes for viable mobile games within this one PS1 game from the nineties.

I was glad to finally beat it after letting it sit half finished for over 15 years.
I’m also glad for the chance to be reminded of good design and game play at a stage in my career where I can begin to pay it forward.

I decided to paint a little fan art to pay homage to a wonderful game that’s been with me most of my life!

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