All posts in May 2016

  • Farewell Bay Area!

    My move to London is a couple days away, and I’ve spent my free time the last week painting my favorite haunts in my shiny new sketchbook. Here are a few of them, I offer as a farewell to the bay area. read more

  • Prime Mover Confusion

    I suck at science. I’m stupid and easily confused. I spent my youth practicing Street Fighter combos and learning yo-yo tricks, instead of basic science literacy or critical thinking. Please listen to this rant and tell me what I’m doing wrong: read more

  • Portrait Painting

    Thought I would try my hand at portrait painting in oils. It’s been years since my last oil painting, and even longer since my last portrait, so it was a fun blast from the past for me. Nancy was brave enough to sit for it, and the results came out okay, more of a learning experience for me. read more

  • Figure Drawings!

    I came across these old figure drawings while packing, and thought I would scan and upload them before they get stored away indefinitely. read more

  • Six Month Stickies # 17

    As usual the tracks of music that got stuck in my head in the last six months, in order.
    * Click image to download a ZIP of the compilation: read more